Looking for a photo store in San Diego?

Looking for a great photography store in San Diego?  One with the latest digital technologies and services as well as 35mm cameras, B&W film developing, and advanced printing?  From memory cards to printing and restoration, we have it all.  And the photographic knowledge that goes with it.  You’ll find digital cameras and film cameras (new and used), lenses, camera accessories, and lots more photographic gear.  Our services include 8mm movie, 16 mm movie, DVD transfers, and more.  Even classes.

In the business of serving the San Diego photography community since 1983, we stayed ahead of the curve on digital technologies and products to better educate our customers.  But we also maintained a broad line of film products and services.  Combining both, we offer unique services for today’s enthusiasts.

Camera and Accessory Sales

Whether you’re after memory cards or a 120 format camera, we have the photographic gear you’re looking for right here in San Diego.  And our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions and help guide your decisions.

  • Digital Cameras, new and used, from point and shoot to advanced SLR models.
  • Film Cameras, new and used, 35mm and 120mm format.
  • Memory Cards and film, including B&W.  Even Polaroid and Fuji Instax.
  • Lenses, new and used, wide angle, auto-focus telephoto…

We also stock a wide range of photography and camera accessories, including

  • camera bags and backpacks,
  • camera batteries and chargers,
  • lighting equipment, light stands, and reflectors,
  • tripods, and
  • video accessories.

Plus some outstanding binocular selections.

Printing Services

Our expertise includes a wide range of scanning, printing and restoration services.  And more.

Film Developing  We’ve been providing B&W as well as color film developing with an emphasis on quality for over 35 years.

Film Scanning and Archiving  We can make high-resolution scans of negatives, slides, and existing photos.  You’ll then have archival copies on CD-ROM and various easy-to-share image file formats.

Prints and copies from negatives, slides, and digital formats — B&W as well as color.  We’re San Diego leaders in enlargements and large format printing (up to mural size) along with professional mounting.

Movie and Video Transfers  Save time and get the best quality by letting us transfer your 8mm movies, 16mm movies, and video tapes to DVDs and MP4 files.

Photo Printing and Restoration  Photo retouching and editing can reduce or eliminate the effects of age and mistreatment such as scratches, folds, fading, stains, and shifting colors.  With all the right equipment, years of experience, and the eyes of a pro photographer we can restore treasured photos.

Camera Repairs  We can make your favorite film or digital camera good as new again at quite reasonable costs.  We’re also experts at lens repairs.

Pro Photos  Just drop by and we can take passport photos and visa photos, as well as professional business portraits.

Camera Repair & Service

We can make your favorite film or digital camera good as new again at quite reasonable costs.  We’re also experts at lens repairs.

Need a passport or visa photo?

Or a business portrait?  We’ll take these professional head-shots for you.  We can provide professional quality passport and visa photos and business portraits at reasonable prices.


San Diego Photo Ops

The San Diego area offers some simply amazing opportunities for avid photographers.  There’s so many you’ve probably neglected at least one or two.  Here are some of our favorite locations.

If you’re into ocean, beaches, and sunsets not many spots beat Sunset Cliffs at Ocean Beach.  Scripps Pier offers interesting perspectives, as well as aquatic wildlife.  There’s also Ho Chi Minh Trail and nearby WindanSea Beach.

For architecture shots, the Salk Institute is one of the most interesting around.  The Geisel Library at UC San Diego as well as the Santa Fe Train Depot are also popular.  For the San Diego city skyline check out Coronado’s Centennial park and Point Loma Harbor.

Love ships?  Don’t forget the San Diego Maritime Museum as well as the lesser-known Crosby Street Park.

For nature photography there’s the Balboa Park Botanical Garden as well as the Carlsbad Ranch Flower Fields.  For broader vistas check out Broken Hill in the Torry Pines State Reserve, and Marian Bear Park.


Photography Classes

We love sharing our photographic knowledge, and offer photography lessons for beginners and enthusiasts.  They include classes specific to digital as well as film cameras, starting with the basics such as manual exposure but going well beyond camera instructions.

Read from happy customers.

“I forgot my light stands when I came to Carlsbad for portraits. I was recommended to head over to this camera shop. Low and behold, they had to light stands that I purchased. Saved me from embarrassment. The guy there was very cordial and nice.”

Bob K.

“I went in to get my Canon 70 D checked out to see if I need my sensor cleaned. I didn’t get the guy’s name but he was really helpful. He told me everything looked ok. He went as far as blowing out any dust. Great customer service. I’ll be a return customer soon.”

Ben B.

“Went there to have a picture enlarged and printed. Pretty easy, e-mail the picture to them and they did the rest. Done in a few days, the pictures were beautiful and the cost little. Definitely will return.”

Tom W.

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